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The mini mobile

Our crazy set up on the road.

Lee and I made it to Maine. We arrived at Lee’s parents house on Tuesday night but were eager to get down to the boat so we left for Rhode Island the next day. The leaves have all changed color and are still falling out of the trees. I have never experienced this kind of fall before and I’m in love with it already. Everything is so crisp and bright.

Pirat was in a slip in Pirate Cove Marina when we got there on Wednesday. It looked a little shabby and forlorn but it’s definitely a beautiful, quality boat. We got to work figuring out the electrical system and plugging into shore power right away. The next priority was to get the diesel heater working. When we first turned it on it whirred for a second and then shut off. After the batteries had charged for a few hours, though, there was enough power to get the heater started.

We spent a couple nights on the boat, exploring Aquidneck Island and making a list of the enumerable projects to tackle. Without a propane tank, though, I had no way to cook and thus became frustrated with boat life pretty quickly.

Now we’re back in Maine for the weekend, enjoying a couple beautiful fall days. It’s nice to see that Monster, our cat, is happy here with the Magnussons.

It’s time to head back to Pirat tomorrow. This time I’m armed with a propane tank and a pot to cook in. Hopefully the stove works!

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  1. Haha, it’s funny that Pirat is in Pirate Cove. Did you guys *already* get nabbed by pirates or are you just heading them off? BTW, I know that rats like boats and I understand 3 of them being on board, but what will you do with the other 0.14159 rat? hahaha.

    Can’t wait to read more about your adventures.

    • Yeah, we thought the Pirat/Pirate Cove thing was funny too. The boat came with that name and we just happened to really like this marina.
      The other 0.14159 rat goes in my specialty Swedish rat stew (It took us a while to get the nerdy engineer joke, hehe).

      Thanks for the comment! Stay tuned to read about our first sail!

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