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Time for a long overdue update on our plan.

The original plan was to head South for the Caribbean in the spring, leaving as soon as possible after I finished my thesis and returned from California. That departure date began to seem unrealistic the more we thought about sprinting down the East coast and through the Caribbean to someplace relatively safe from hurricanes before July at the latest. We’re not sure how fast we can sail and everything is dependent on the weather. Various boat projects are also not complying with our original timetable. The mast is still out while Hall Spars manufactures our new rigging. Some of our sails should be done in the next couple weeks but our MPG (multi-purpose genoa) won’t be ready till mid-April. Piecing together the solent stay attachment and deck reinforcement is also taking more time than we anticipated. All these things will come together in the next month or less but there is no way we’re getting out of Pirate Cove in time make a safe passage to the Caribbean.

I must admit, we saw this coming. We have been mentally preparing ourselves for the possibility of cruising the East coast of the U.S. this summer and fall so it’s really not a disappointment. Last summer I learned that New England is actually really beautiful and warm in the summer so I’m really looking forward to exploring the Maine coastline.

The current plan, in all its vague glory, is to start sailing south by the end of April. Our slip lease at Pirate Cove expires April 30 and we might as well head for warmer water. This is where things get fuzzy. We’re not sure how far South we’ll sail. Maybe just to Annapolis, maybe all the way to Florida, but we’ll head back North eventually. That way we can enjoy New England in the summer and get lots of sailing miles under our belts. By the time we head for the Caribbean in November, the ideal time for that journey, we’ll be pros!

Lee has always told me to go with the flow. I think this new itinerary exemplifies that. Now it’s my job to learn to use the electronic chart programs and figure out where we’re going!

The wonderful, sunny weather is over and the rain has moved back in.

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  1. There is so much vocabulary in this post that I do not know.

    In happier news, I think there are lots of upsides to this seemingly-bad news! I agree with Lee that it may be better for your first big voyage together to be in American waters and closer to familiar things. I know you’re both experienced, but it would probably making you feel more comfortable and prepared for the South American trip! (Also, perhaps necessary practice in “going with the flow”… get it? Flow? Ocean? Did you make that pun on purpose? 😉

    If you guys are itching to get a break from the water or North America, you’re always welcome to visit me in Brazil. 🙂

    I miss you 🙂

    • I miss you too! Brazil would be awfully nice…
      I didn’t really mean for this to sound like bad news. As I said, we’re mentally prepared for it.
      Experience will make everything easier and more fun! Sailing up here is going to be a blast!

      You gave me a good idea: A page of sailing vocabulary in the blog.

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