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ahhh, that's a good stretch. The couch is just the right size for the cat. (click for more)

Our cat, Monster, knows how to relax. He is living with Lee’s parents in Maine so we have been enjoying his company since we arrived earlier this month.

Monster and Rascal (the little, gray tabby Lee’s mom got shortly after adopting Monster) prowl around the big yard and surrounding forest, hunting bugs and anything else they can get their paws on. When he’s not making his circuit outside, Monster reclines in his favorite chair. He prefers the leather armchair in the living room to any other surface. When someone else is sitting in it he sulks in the corner behind a bookcase with his face towards the wall.

Monster sleeps in positions I’ve never seen another cat take. He lies on his back, often stretched out full length, with his paws in the air. He is a deep sleeper and I’m sure he’s dreaming about gigantic dragon flies and tasty mice.

Yesterday Lee brought Monster into the separate guest portion of the house where we’ve taken up residence. Monster first paced the room, meowing his typical conversational yowl (mrawmrawmraaaaaawwwww-mraw-mraw-mramramraaaaawwwwww). I swear it sounds like he’s talking and he has the loudest meow I’ve ever heard. Then, after Lee got off the couch, Monster took it over and was finally quiet. Evidently all he wanted was the couch. He stretched out on his back and immediately fell asleep. Not even my nosy picture taking woke him up. What a nut.

Tomorrow Lee and I are driving up to Baxter State Park for a 3 night backpacking trip. We have our campsites all picked out (they make you camp in designated spots and reserve them ahead of time) and we’re really excited to climb Katahdin, the highest mountain in Maine. The weather is supposed to be great so it should be fun!

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  1. precious kitty. 😀 Enjoy the camping! It sounds great.

  2. Oh Monster… He is one strange and awesome cat. Max will occasionally sleep like that all spread out on his back. He looks so fuzzy, but it is deceptive, like a trap.

  3. It was nice to see a new entry on your blog. Jack, Pepper and Lucky
    all say hello to Monster, but only in an imaginary cat world. Looking forward to pictures of the Maine woods.

  4. How tall is the tallest in Maine? I could look it up, or you could tell me in a reply that includes details of the trip…

    My nickname for my larger bird has been Monster for a while and it has more or less stuck. A solid name for a mischievous creature of any kind, I suppose.

    • Katahdin is 5,200something. I’m not sure of the exact number. All I know is it was about the same as the elevation I lived at in Denver.
      Monster is an excellent name. I think our cat got his name about the same way your bird did.

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