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Lee and I make such a great team.


We certainly have our moments, as a couple, when communication breaks down and things get rough. That never seems to happen when we’re sailing. I don’t know if we’re just lucky or if spending a large part of our formative years together on the boat has made us work together by necessity.

Whenever we’re getting Pirat ready to sail, anchoring in a new harbor, or tying in a reef, I feel like I’m part of a precise and coordinated unit. Lee hauls one thing. I release another. He readies the anchor while I pick out a spot from the helm. We each recognize the other’s special skills. I know that Lee has the finesse to nestle the anchor into the perfect bed of sand and he knows that I can maneuver Pirat under sail like I would a dinghy on a starting line.

Sailing in and out of anchor, something we’ve been doing more and more recently, is so satisfying and so much fun because Lee and I seem to pull it off so well together. Things do occasionally go wrong and I’m sure they will go more wrong some day. For now, though, I can’t help but love sailing the boat up to the perfect spot as Lee signals from the bow, slowing and stopping into the wind, and then sliding backwards when Lee has the anchor where he wants it.

It’s too bad Salinas wasn’t one of those harbors we can sail into. The wind was dead and the heat and humidity were stifling when we pulled in here this afternoon. It was eerily silent and calm in the harbor crowded with semi-derelict sailboats. We didn’t waste much time going ashore to find internet once we were anchored. Now this air-conditioned bakery with free wifi feels pretty nice and I’m not sure I want to leave.

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  1. Lucky for you, the Rapture will spare you all future troubles! May 21.

  2. And I forgot to post this when it first occurred to me, but you look so good with short hair! Rarely have I known anyone to pull off so many different styles, and never on different islands! I just had a dream you were in, and despite my knowing you cut it my brain clung to the last memory it had of you.

    I’m so glad your island-hopping has been going more or less smoothly and I wish you the best transitioning to whatever comes next! As I spend more and more time tethered to a desk in a windowless room, my mind has been wandering to thoughts of you more and more lately. Your posts are a welcome escape!

    • Awww thanks!
      My hair has actually grown out enough since Lee cut it in April that I think I’ll have to get the clippers out again. I bet you could pull off the short hair too – you have the right face shape for it. Then you just have to wear big earrings.
      I’m glad you’ve been enjoying my adventures. It’s really too bad they’re almost over…although this means that Lee and I are moving to California and we can hang out more often!

  3. California, eh? There’s a chance I’m going to Korea for a year, but I’ll likely end up back in CA soon after. Can’t wait till you get back!

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