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We didn’t think Vieques was going to be our destination yesterday. There was no wind and an intermediate harbor on the mainland looked inviting, that is until we got there and realized it held a marina rather than space for anchored boats. Instead, we found ourselves motoring out to the largest of the Spanish Virgin Islands.

The beach where we anchored, Green Beach, was gorgeous and made for some nice swimming yesterday afternoon. Lee and I went for an awesome run on the island’s roads this morning. Then we motored a few miles down the south coast to Sun Bay and the town of Esperenza. It’s raining, of course, and the touristy atmosphere here is a little off-putting.


Green Beach on Punta Arenas.

Worse still, there doesn’t seem to be a decent cafe with internet in this town. A very rude waitress at a restaurant called Belly Buttons kindly informed us (after watching us set up our computers and taking our drink orders) that we had to purchase a meal to use the internet. It’s the middle of the afternoon. We don’t want fried cheese balls we want information! We walked out. Now we’re at the Vieques Trust office using their wifi for a fee.


Monte Piratas!

Tomorrow my dad flies in and we’re off again!

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  1. Rachel,
    Love your writing!!!! However, your dad’s emails travel faster. He mentioned he is already there at the bar. You must put a lot of time crafting “just the correct phrase” or you are at he bar also. Ha, ha, just having fun. Enjoy. You lucky BAS….S!!!

  2. Thanks!
    Yes, I often get behind on what’s really happening. Now, for instance, we’re in St. Martin and my dad is about to fly back to the US. We did some good sailing!
    Hope to see you in California sometime soon.

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