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Just like that, Lee and I have left Pirat and are flying back to the real world – a non-floating world of regular life things and regular places, a world where the questions “Where are you from?” and “What is your address?” are a bit easier to answer. We won’t be defying classification as tourists or residents any more.

I think we are both ready to be back, at least for a while, at this stage in our lives. It was hard to leave the boat all naked and alone in the dirt. Pirat looked so out of place high and dry on a tropical island.

At the moment, I’m trying out the in-flight internet on our Delta red eye to LAX. When I eventually land in Seattle and recover from my travels I’ll get to work on a real post.

For now, I leave you with one of my favorite van-isms from St. Kitts.
The hood of the van is emblazoned with “BU$$INE$$” and above the windshield it says “You won’t find any ‘ting loose”. Curious, isn’t it?

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6 responses to And We’re Off!

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  1. Aw! It’s the end of an era!

  2. Maintain it until your next big adventure, of course!

    • Yeah…I don’t know what I’d write about though! I think I’m going to maintain my blogging in my other blog, MuffinEgg, and put Pirat on hiatus until another adventure comes up.

  3. I remember the real world… I’m excited for you. 🙂 I may want to head back up north too for a bit, I think I’ll appreciate things more both places if I do. I miss blueberries, walnuts, trout… and my family.

    • Right now this world is somewhat surreal…
      I’m definitely appreciating many things more than I did before! My mom’s fridge seems huge and I’m gobbling up as many fresh greens as I can get my hands on.
      Family and food really are the necessities of life : )

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